Problems with IE9 not going to URL or favorites first time

I've had a odd problem lately. I am running IE9 in WIN7. Lately, when I open a browser and select a favorite, the browser does nothing. The "Contacting <url>" shows at the bottom and the spinning icon shows in the tab ... forever. If I re-click the favorite on this same "Contacting ..." page, it opens a new window or tab (but not a new tab on this same session) and takes me right to the correct link. The original page will show "Contacting ..." and spinning icon for days until I close the page. I have this same phenomenon with pasting a URL into the address line. This happens nearly 100% of the time, but sometimes I'll have short intervals where everything works normally.

I first noticed this problem when in France in December. I thought it might be related to the domestic IP provider (even though I used several providers while I was there). Then, people in the office started reporting the same problem ... and still are. I experience this problem on different computers and there appears to be no pattern with target URL. The only common thread is the use of WIN7 and IE9. I don't notice this problem using Chrome or fireFox, even on the same computer that has the problem with IE9. I'm suspecting some recent update to IE9 as the culprit.

Has anyone else noticed this? Is there an explanation or fix out there?
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webtechgalConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You are not alone with this issue - This is what Microsoft has to say about it

You might run a malware checker on the affected machines. Something could have targeted IE9 and not affect your other browsers. I like Malwarebytes Anti-Malware for that task.
Marc ZConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Also confirm flash is latest version. You may have to download the standalone version from a different browser such as chrome if ie won't get you to the page.
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jmarkfoleyAuthor Commented:
You know, this problem seems to have dissapeared. No explanation except that we did change firewall/router recently. Either that or Microsoft re-updated IE9 with a fix. Seems odd because I was experiencing this problem outside the office, in France even, using different computers and going to non-office websites, so it could not be strictly related to the firewall/router.
jmarkfoleyAuthor Commented:
Thanks to all for participating!
jmarkfoley--You are most welcome!
Maybe MS techies read Experts Exchange, too! :)  Thanks for the points!
jmarkfoleyAuthor Commented:
After all this time I've figured out a correlation with the problem. The inability to open a favorites the first time only happens when I have the 'Disable script debugging' option turned off (i.e. when doing script debugging). When script debugging is enabled I get odd behaviors like this. When it is off, things are back to normal (for IE9).
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