Windows dns reverse lookup zone query

Hi Guys

when i inhereted my network we had two subnets after a long time i've migrated everything over to one subnet, now all i have left is a reverse lookup zone for the subnet everything has been moved off, when i look at it there are enteries for my domain controllers and a pointer (PTR) for

if i was to delete this reverse lookup zone would i need to recreate the pointer (PTR) in the reverse lookup zone for the subnet im keeping.

hope this makes sense
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DrDave242Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Is your AD domain name?  If so, you can create that PTR record if you want, but I don't believe it serves a purpose at all.  If that's the name of another domain, you may want to create it, just in case someone else put it there for a reason.  I'm not sure what that reason could be, though...
Do those entries also reside in the reverse lookup zone for your current subnet?
kchallAuthor Commented:
no i just have etc
Seconding DrDave242.
kchallAuthor Commented:
yes thats correct its my AD domain name, excellent i just wanted to check before i delete it and all hell breaks loose, i'll just re-create it in the correct zone and delete the un-used zone
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