.NET Desktop .DLL Management

I am writing an .NET program to manage Microsoft Access Desktop .DLLs using C# and ASP.NET.  Do you know of example programs for Microsoft Access Desktop .DLL management including copying the .DLLs to a new location and removing the .DLLs.


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abmalokarConnect With a Mentor Commented:
you can manually copy to new location, but if you want to save in OS folder then you need to use CAS.
Srinivasulu MuppalaLead DeveloperCommented:
Are you writing windows application or asp.ner application? i hope you want to connect to MS Access connection code(dll file) for asp.net as well as windows Desktop application

correct me if i understood wrong. tell me little more clear
danielolorenzAuthor Commented:
I am writing an ASP.NET application.
danielolorenzAuthor Commented:
Thanks.  Great help.
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