Win 2012 Dc and Win 2008 R2

I purchased std edition Win 2012 and I have some questions.  "Calling that server 3"
First -5 Fsmo roles residing on windows 2008 SP2  server (32-bit)  "Calling that server 1"
Second -I still have other server 2003 which is Dc also    "Server called number 2"
I would like to get rid of Win 2003 server as soon as windows 2012 becomes ADDS from roles menu.
I did necessary updates in my infrastructure when I was installing Windows 2008 server.
At the present time I did not join Win 2012 server to the existing forest yet.I only activated DNS and applied static Ip's for that server.Should I join the domain first and then run Active Directory Domain Services-probably DCPROMO still exists..? Any special things which I should be aware of?? Schema updates etc.???
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balmasriConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Just delete  the server object from sits and services. The other things do not affect anythong in the domain.
there is no DCPROMO in Windows Server 2012 . from Server manager you can add the role and it will take care of extending AD schema.
mirekgAuthor Commented:
Everything went well.Now I want to demote that server (WIN 2003) should I disable GC and run dcpromo to demote it or it does not matter.I would like to raise the forest functional level finally.In that way I will have Win 2008 R2 and Win 2012.My schema is the latest version 56.
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1-it doesn't matter if you remove GC or leave . demotion process will take care of this issue .
 but make sure your new DC announced itself s GC from the event log.[ This is very important]
2- remove  any other services from the old DC :DNS , DHCP ,WINS.
3- after demotion , remove the computer account of the old DC from site and services ( site links) if it exist .
mirekgAuthor Commented:
Having problems to demote that server Win 2003 R2..? Getting access is denied I have all enterprise rights etc.It really keeps removing and then stops with another error Netlogon operation timed out...I even removed GC (for that server which I'm trying to demote) on Active Directory Sites and Services hoping that this does the trick..
1- make sure the DNS settings on the NIC is pointing to the other domain controllers.
2-grant the account the right mentioned in the article.
3-try to stop netlogon during DCPromo manually when it hangs.
mirekgAuthor Commented:
It worked but what has happened is that the object of the server to be demoted was marked within NTDS not to be deleted-that's why me process of demotion was failing!!!!
That server which I demoted now functions as a regular server but within Active Directory Sites and Services is visible. Should just delete it or just remove administrative tools???
Also DNS I don't disable IPv6 since is recommended within new OS Windows 2012 .My question is for WINS tab because we don't use it. Should I have Enable NetBIOS over TCP/IP chosen or Default..???
mirekgAuthor Commented:
Good links and suggestions.
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