SSIS package running fine from visual studio, but not from Sceduler ?


When i run my OLAP package (SSIS)  from visual studio. It runs just fine.

But setup this package to run from Microsoft server manager..
as a sceduler job it fails....

What is wrong ?

Olso try to run the pack from dos promt, using -> dtexec.exe
And here it works fine to

Please help
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My first comment applies.
Most likely you are trying to run SSIS package with Agent Service user account - which might be local system account. Agent Service user account doesn't have access to the OLAP cube  you are trying to process.
There are several different ways to get around this, here are a couple of them:

- Implement proxy account:

- Check the link in my first post. In agent job there is a tab 'Data Source'. There you are able to manage the connections within the specific package inside the scheduled job.

- Implement package configurations.

- Hardcode the user credentials into the SSIS package. Now you are probably using trusted connection. When you run this scheduled it won't work. Add a user and password inside your SSIS package. Set on the package security option 'EncryptSensitiveWithPassword'. This encrypts the connection credentials. Use naturally the same password in SQL Server Agent Job.
How have you taken care of user authentication in the data sources?
If you haven't defined anything inside the agent job - or are not using e.g. package configuration files, the agent service credentials are used. Probably it doesn't have rights to the data sources.

Check out this:
Eugene ZCommented:
<What is wrong ?>

What is the error?

make sure you do not use C:\yourPCfolder
use instead UNC path:

team2005Author Commented:

Get tis errors:

Error: Failed to acquire connection "Olap". Connection may not be configured correctly or you may not have the right permissions on this connection.
team2005Author Commented:
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