Problems sending emails with Android devices via Activesync and Exchange2007 server

Hi, we are using Exchange 2007 server, and we don'thave any problems with Email syncing on Iphones via Activesync.  Now, we are testing Samsung Note with Android 4.x and we use native email client, and we have problems with forwarding some emails that have attached files, sometimes are little size image files.

We have decided to install Touchdown to solve this extrange problems, and it seems works fine at most of this cases but ...but now , with Touchdown, when you compose a new email and attach a 3Mb picture, it stucks in outbound and never sent it.

We have reviewed all setting of Exchange, Activesync ... and we have'nt any restrictions.
So, we don't understand what's is the problem for Androids-activesync-Exchange when email have attached image files, since we don't have any problem with the same situation using Iphones,

Thank's in advance.

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Slav ZabickiConnect With a Mentor System EngineerCommented:

scroll down to IIS7 section
Slav ZabickiSystem EngineerCommented:
I had this problem too. and I've got galaxy

this should help

It did help in case....
XRVXRVAuthor Commented:
Hi, I installed it but i have two problems:

- "sent items" folder seems that isn't a local sincronized folder, it access at the server folder every time;

- when i compose a new email with attached file, if size is about 3Mb appears a message like "File size is too large" ..

so I am in the same situation as before, and i don't see a good solution for me.
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Slav ZabickiSystem EngineerCommented:
just in case:

go to IIS server in activesync site go to applications settings and check default max size (MaxDocumentDataSize)

also please check:

Do you have a phone with an older version of android?
4.0.1+ have some problems with activesync

read this:
XRVXRVAuthor Commented:
In our Exchange 2007 server, we have unckecked the parameters about max size of email content and max size of attached file email, so I understand is applying default values (?)

In other hand we are using Samsung Note with Android 4.0.4

And the problem if when I compose new email and attach an image (only 1 Mb)  not send it ... but emails without attached images runs fine ..

Any new suggestion please?
Slav ZabickiSystem EngineerCommented:
I suggest to check IIS as I mentioned and install enhanced mail client.
XRVXRVAuthor Commented:
I have installed Enhanced Email. I set debug option, and when i send an email with 25kb image attached file, i can see this error : "Message sending failed. code : 413"
It seems an HTTP error, when server doesn't accept files with size bigger than certain parameter (?).
I don't understand why with our corporate iphones we don't have any problems sending emails with attached files to the same Exchange server with activesync, and I can't send any email with attached file with Android to the same server.
Perhaps Iphone and Android has different HTTP methods to upload an attached file?
Please, we have an Win2008 server, with Exchange2007, and IIS7.
Tell me detailed parameters that we must change in order to permit Android upload attached files in an email via Activesync. This is the problem.
Thank's in advance ..
Slav ZabickiSystem EngineerCommented:
stop IIS
find web.config file in the ExchServer\ClientAccess\Sync folder there is an entry for "MaxDocumentDataSize".  change it to 10240000

<add key="MaxDocumentDataSize" vaulue ="10240000">

start IIS
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