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New computer with Windows 8 - What to do....

Posted on 2013-01-26
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Last Modified: 2016-11-23
I just bought a new Dell XPS NON touchscreen laptop. It came with Windows 8. I took 8 instead of 7 because 7 "not available" on this machine. First impressions: HORRIBLE, CONFUSING & FRUSTRATING. I immediately bought a new front end that somewhat mimics win 7. I'm living with it now, BUT, I just received an install key for Windows 7 ultimate 64 bit that I am authorized to install. I was, and am 100% satisfied with Win 7 Ultimate. I see no reason why I should go back to Win7. Am I alone in this point of view? Can anyone give me a good SOLID & UNDERSTANDABLE reason why I should keep win8 home??
Question by:Need-a-Clue
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Assisted Solution

Darr247 earned 500 total points
ID: 38823396
> no reason why I should go back to Win7.
I'm guessing you meant "shouldn't" instead of should.

> Can anyone give me a good SOLID & UNDERSTANDABLE
reason why I should keep win8 home??
1) It's the windows interface of the future, so you might as well get used to it now.
2) it will be supported longer than Win7.
3) Win7 drivers might not even be available for all the laptop's devices.

I would suggest fedora 18 (burn the Live Desktop iso to CD, boot off that to try it... then if everything works download & burn the DVD iso file to install it) instead of downgrading windows, else return it within the grace period Dell gives you and buy one with a touch screen instead. They make convertible units on which the screen flips around then you close the lid and it's like a thick tablet, too... which is nice since most tablets are only 11'' screens.
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Accepted Solution

David Johnson, CD, MVP earned 500 total points
ID: 38823402
your confusion is typical of all new users.. Yes you may have been a long time computer user but this is a change that you should use for a while before you write it off entirely..

I also did not like the start screen on first glance. I rarely if ever see it any more. I do not use start8 or other crutches..

We've all gone through these changes.. I went from Dos to windows (and hated it), from windows 3.x - Windows 95 and then decried my loss of program manager, then from Windows 98 to Windows XP... first I thought it was a cartoon interface.. I hated it for a while but over a short period I grew to like it.. then Windows 7 came along... lots of things remained the same but I wasn't comfortable with it for a while.. Go with the flow.. relearn how to get the most out the operating system..

BTW this makes the 2nd time in a row that microsoft has reduced the hardware requirements for an operating system.
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Assisted Solution

John earned 500 total points
ID: 38823426
Windows 7 is good until 2020, so should you decide to go back, any computer you have will be dead before Windows 7 dies, so you have time to reconsider.

Microsoft has heard that corporations are NOT moving wholesale to Windows 8 and one huge reason is the bad interface on a real computer (not a phone or a tablet). Microsoft has a habit of not listening, so who knows if they will fix this gaffe.

At the desktop level, Windows 8 is about the same as Windows 7 and so once on the desktop, it works fine.

I use three approaches:  Start8 to get a start button, RetroUI to prevent Metro from showing, and jump lists to also use the built in Windows 8 features to run programs. The goal is to never leave the desktop.  Why?

Because I am reading what is on the desktop and I do not wish to have my reading interrupted while starting a new program. It has to do with being able to work effectively which I have accomplished for myself with the 3 approaches above.

The overriding reason is that each of us should be able to use our personal computers on our own terms. No one knows how I work, and no one is in any position to speak to it.

By all means, do what is best for yourself.  However, NEVER by Microsoft's HOME products. Everyone I have met in person has always regretted bying HOME.

.... Thinkpads_User
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Assisted Solution

by:Gary Case
Gary Case earned 500 total points
ID: 38823603
Can I give you a good reason to stay with Windows 8?   No.   Especially not if you have a valid Win 7 Ultimate license.    DO check the web site for your laptop and be sure you have Windows 7 drivers for all key components (audio, video, network) ... but as long as that's the case, there's no compelling reason to not do it.

It IS true that Windows 7 is slightly more resource intensive than Windows 8 ... especially in the graphics area.    The Aero interface consumes more graphics "horsepower" than Windows 8 does ... but it can, of course, be turned off if that's an issue.

I DO think Windows 8 isn't that bad, and you could easily adapt to it in fairly short order.    But given that you have the basic edition (NOT Pro), and your Windows 7 version is W7 Ultimate, it's not a bad idea to install '7.

Author Closing Comment

ID: 38824043
Hello EXPERTS. I want to thank each of you for your insightful and complete answers. I am surprised at the 3-1 ratio on approval of Windows 8. I thought I would spend the day installing an operating system. Now I will spend the day trying to make the best of 8 and see if I DO get used to it. Actually, this computer WAS ordered with the Pro edition on it. Dell had some sort of paperwork manufacturing problem that ended up with me getting the home edition. I'm going to post another question regarding the conversion.  Thanks again Experts. I'm glad you are here.

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