WordPress Website show full site on mobiles?


I just got the following question from a client and I was wondering if it was possible?

About the simplified website on older devices -- I suspected that it might be pixel-capacity related, so I ran some tests. On my iMac G5 (1440x900), the site displays normally (full desktop view). On my older iMac G3 (1024x768, the maximum available) I get the stripped-down version, just as I do on my iPhone 4. However, on the aforementioned G5, when I lower the pixel count of the display to 1024x768 or even 800x600, I still get the full desktop view, not the stripped-down version. So I suspect the device identity is being returned to the Wordpress software, not any pixel count.

 Is it possible to turn off or override this identity-recognizing feature, so that the viewer can ask for and see a full desktop view on any device, regardless of its pixel count? (Older iPhones, older Macs, whatever!) If the great majority of sites I connect to, which first throw up a dumbed-down version, also give me an option to see the full site, certainly we should be able to do that, too.

Thanks for your help
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COBOLdinosaurConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The website is built using an automatic responsive theme, so I'm not sure how I can override it.

Then either yu are using the wrong theme or you need someone familiar with it to go into the code and hack the functionality.

The browser is going to render based on what is sent to it.  If media queries are being used (he common approach), then as along as the media queries are in the code, the browser will respond to them.  If the media queries are removed, then the pages will no longer be responsive.  Which brings us back to sending an alternate page when the user requests it.

dabug80Author Commented:
I guess I'm asking whether it's possible to view a responsive website design on a mobile device and have the user either choose to view it as intended (mobile friendly version default) or as the full screen PC version. If the latter is possible, how does the user view the full version on eir mobile device?
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Well if you want to do that then you can't send them a responsive page when they want to seethe pc version.  You just send then the pc version of the page and they have to figure out how to view it on the tiny screen.

dabug80Author Commented:

The website is built using an automatic responsive theme, so I'm not sure how I can override it. Is it possible to 'force' a mobile device to see a website in its full PC version, or give the option for the mobile device to see the full website version?
dabug80Author Commented:
Or put another way - is it possible to add 'view mobile site' / 'view full website' links on a WordPress website. If so, what's the best way of enabling this?
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