How to route traffic on same port (443) to multiple internal Servers?

I am sure this is a networking 101 thing but never had to really deal with this before. So I have a number if internal resources (ActiveSync, RDS) that are on different Servers but both run on port 443. We only have one public IP.

So how do we configure this so that traffic for both reaches its destination?
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smckeown777Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Sorry, I was using the 3389 as an example...

From what I know about RD Gateway(not much as I've never used it) you can't change its port from 443...obviously that's probably why you are here ;)

I doubt you are stuck with this as is...lets see if any other experts have a solution, but without seperate public IP's this one may be a dead end...
I don't think this is possible, since from the outside how does the router decide to send traffic to the ActiveSync server rather than the RDS server?

With port forwarding it sends to 1 internal client, so with only 1 public IP the normal way to make this work is to change ports on the internal server to alternate...i.e. if I have 2 servers running RDS on port 3389(default) then I'd have to change the 2nd server to use an alternate port(3390 for example) and port forward on the router to 3390 for the 2nd server...
FlippAuthor Commented:
Well I figured thats what multiple public IPs would do ... then you port forward from a.a.a.a:443 to Server1 and b.b.b.b:443 to Server2.

In theory it sounds right (as long as the Router can recognise multiple public IP, but need to get something going in next few days so hoping EE can help me through.
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Most business class routers will allow multiple public IP's - what model do you have?

What services are you looking to access? RDS? Is that Remote Desktop Services? Cause that's one I would say you can change to 3390 without much hassle to the end user, but ActiveSync really needs to stay on 443 since you'd have a lot of external configurations to update(phones etc)
FlippAuthor Commented:
Yes ActiveSync on 443, but looking at using RD Gateway which needs 443 as well. I am interested about your comment above about changing RDP to 3390 though.
Would this be better than 3389 though?

Sonicwall TZ210.
A situation like this can be dealt with by using a reverse proxy. Which back end server or servers to connect to is based on the FQDN used by the client. For example, client connections using the URL would be configured to go to the ActiveSync server, to the RDS server.
What you use would probably depend on what in-house expertise and platforms you have. Microsoft ISA server, Open Source Squid or hardware load balancing appliances from Cisco, F5 or Riverbed would do what you want.
FlippAuthor Commented:
None of which we have ..... I think another public IP sounds easier and less complex.
FlippAuthor Commented:
I think I will go with 3389 for Users for the moment but would prefer 443. I will have a 2nd public IP next week so will then convert to 443 after wards.
Seth SimmonsSr. Systems AdministratorCommented:
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