Symantec Primary Server not updating after reinstall

We are having an  issue with updating our Symantec AV ver 10.1.9000 on the server after we reinstalled. The updates are no longer there. I copied the .vdb file from another server into he SAV folder which usually works but no dice it still says that the last update was in 2009.
Josef Al-ChacarSystems AdministratorAsked:
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Josef Al-ChacarConnect With a Mentor Systems AdministratorAuthor Commented:
I had to manually push the update via the server's option. Very easy to find. Thanks Jack lol
Josef Al-ChacarSystems AdministratorAuthor Commented:
Oh another thing the server has sensitive information on it so it is not connected to the regular internet. We have to download the updates and manually put them onto the server.
necromiserInformation System Security ManagerCommented:
Restart the Symantec definition watcher service and then run rtvscan.exe
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Josef Al-ChacarSystems AdministratorAuthor Commented:
The rtvscan.exe process runs the real-time antivirus protection feature. it doesn't have anything to do with definitions.
necromiserConnect With a Mentor Information System Security ManagerCommented:
You can update any Symantec AntiVirus server or client by downloading the .xdb file from Symantec. You can also copy an .xdb file from the VPHOME share on any Symantec AntiVirus server. The modified date of the .xdb file matches the date of the virus definitions. When using this method, RTVSCAN.EXE checks for new .xdb files, and then initiates the update process. RTVSCAN.EXE checks for new .xdb files about every 10 minutes by default. Restarting (stopping and then starting) the Symantec AntiVirus Server process can be used to manually initiate the update process if you do not want to wait.
Josef Al-ChacarSystems AdministratorAuthor Commented:
Because i figured out exactly what it was. necromiser just helped
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