VRF-Lite route leaking with route-maps

I have a question. I currently have 4 VRF's setup.
VRF - 1
VRF - 2
VRF - 3
VRF - 4 (Shared VRF)

Each VRF is seperate and can only see VRF 4 routes currently. I did this through the import/export on the vrf. I am currently running BGP on the switch and have eigrp for each vrf. What I am wanting to do because VRF 3 has a "shared" connection that I need VRF 1 to be able to route to and get to in the DC. I would simple just change that connection to VRF 1 but this is a shared PtP connection with multiple VRF 3 customer connections. I am wanting to know how can I use route-maps to have routes from VRF 1 imported into VRF 3 and the same for VRF 3 to VRF 1. I currently have static routes which is very time consuming.
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Sandeep GuptaConnect With a Mentor ConsultantCommented:
You can use export map command to call any route-map in vrf like this:

ip vrf VRF1
 description vrf 1
 rd 123:12345
 export map <<route map name>>
 route-target export 123:12345
 route-target import 123:12345


ip vrf VRF1
 description vrf1
 rd 123:12345
 export map VRF3_Route
 route-target export 123:12345
 route-target import 123:12345

route-map VRF3_Route permit 10
 match ip address vrf3
 set extcommunity rt  <<vrf3 rt>> additive

ip access-list extended vrf3
permit ip <<define your ip neworks to be imported>>
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