SkyDrive not working on desktop but works on laptop

I recently started using SkyDrive, and everything started out well. I added desktop first, then a laptop.

Then I noticed that the desktop stopped working, and I have no idea how to fix it. I don't see settings or anything on the SkyDrive-desktop.

desktop is
Windows 7 Ultimate, upgraded from Vista Home Premium, SP 2
HP, Model a6600f
Processor Intel Pentium Dual CPU E220 @ 2.2Ghz
4.0 GM RAM

On the website, I see the two PC's, and tried to enter the security code for my desktop, but it says "Sorry, but SkyDrive can't connect to (my computer)."

Now from the desktop when I click on the PC's on SkyDrive on the website, it says "Sorry, something went wrong".

Mainly I can't figure out how the heck to adjust SkyDrive settings on the PC side . . .

On laptop, I entered the security code for the laptop, and that worked. But it can't connect to the desktop.

I did some research and I realize this is a common issue, but still can't figure it out. I think I might need to just figure out how to "turn the car on" and I might be ok.
Alaska CowboyAsked:
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Uninstall skydrive, rename the folder in %userprofile%\skydrive to skydrive2

Then reinstall on your desktop, using the default settings

Youll see pretty quick if you start to get items populating to your skydrive folder.

While skydrive is running do you see green ticks, blue question marks, or nothing overlayed on your icons?

Alaska CowboyAuthor Commented:
Scobber, thanks.

Ok, I created a backup, SkyDrive is now empty.

right now I see not green ticks, nothing on desktop. On laptop, it's good to go with green ticks.

I uninstalled it, and it went away from "Programs and Files" (control panel).

But it's still there in C:\Users\Stephen\SkyDrive and in Favorites . . . so ???
Alaska CowboyAuthor Commented:
I just deleted the SkyDrive folder, re-installing now . . .
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Alaska CowboyAuthor Commented:
Ok, it's all synched up, but a couple of things:

- what happened to this in the first place ?

- are there no settings or other place to go to check SkyDrive's status and adjust properties ?

- I'll have to copy back my back-up files carefully, as I don't want to overwrite something that might actually have a newer timestamp - I'm a little nervous about this.
It wont delete the data incase you need it on an uninstall.

You can check its status, theres not any configuration (yet). but on the blue cloud in the try, you may need to click the up arrow to get the hidden icons an single click on the skydrive icon will pop up a status box.

Ive never had issues with skydrive, and I sync close to 50gb between 3 pc's and run the viewer app on a ipad, iphone, windows phone, and a android tablet.
what I have done in the past to save a complete re-sync. install skydrive, close it on a pc with a up to date copy. and on the new pc. copy the entire folder across, then reopen

It will verify all the files have not changed and away it will go
Alaska CowboyAuthor Commented:
ok, good, thanks for the tips. I'm back operational now.
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