Help with setup of RDS 2008 User Roaming Profiles

I have a new Svr 2008 R2 with RDS and am having no luck with setting up ROaming Profiles. I have a share setup on same server and have configured GP to \\server\userprofiles$.
When a User logs on they receive the Temp Profile - they can browse to share and create folders there - I have even given them Full Control of Share and NTFS to test my permissions were correct.
What have I missed?
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ah well, i'm not sure if you already configured it, but in active directory, there is a tab for remote desktop profiles in every user account's properties.
try configurng that if you haven't.

FlippAuthor Commented:
I keep seeing different versions of what NTFS permissions are required on Security Tab of share for User Profiles ... do you have them?
wshtyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
i'm not sure i get your question, but i'll try to answer it:

share-permissions is usually only "everybody" and at minimum read and write access- i personally stick to "full access" for that.

ntfs permissions is a little more special, as the profile folder for the specific user hast to be OWNED by the user (and has to have full access for it).
therefore i stick to adding profile folders via active directory tab - the folder is created by itself and the permissions are automatically set correctly.

FlippAuthor Commented:
Great stuff - I think you were on the right track, but the link above identifies what I was after.
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