Route with 30 stops

I am in need of creating GPS routes that have about 30 stops. My employee's will be driving the route in a car over about an 8 hour span.

Currently I have used Microsoft Streets and Trips to create the route and then exported it to a Garmin GPS device. This process works in theory but the Germin is very un-user friendly during the route the following reasons:

1.) Sometimes it will skip a stop without you realizing it.
2.) You can never start the route from midway through, you always have to start on the first one.
3.) You can never really tell what stop you are on.

What type of other options do I have? I was thinking of doing it through a tablet of some sort. Thoughts? Any advice would  be great!

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Ugo MenaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Look into TripIt (
Although it is a little overkill, it will take care of all your listed needs and does a great job of using offline storage and integrating with Google Maps.
If you are considering new devices, the tablet app looks really nice on both iOS and Android.

Whether you will have the Lat and Lon of the Routes? You want a logic to find the nearest Stop/ what is the location of the vehicle?
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