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We received an auto-support email detailing a few risks about our NetApp (listsed below). Is there a step-by-step guide on how to update the firmware on the NetApp. Does the update require downtime? We have two locations with this issue. One is an HA pair, and another is a standalone NetApp in a DR environment. Also, I don't think any of our NetApps use shelves.


Name: Out-of-date qual-devices-v3 file.
Category: Storage
Severity: High
Details: The Package Date under Disk Qualification Package Details is 20110330, and the latest version is 20120430. The Disk Qualification Package is available from the Disk Drive & Firmware Matrix on the NOW site. Potential Impact: Drives that are not recognized may be handled incorrectly.
Internal Info: Sig Burt: 520585
More Info: CSB-1107-01

Name: ACP firmware is out of date.
Category: Shelf firmware - Best Practice
Severity: Best Practice
Details: The following module types have OUT OF DATE ACP firmware: IOM6E. Potential Impact: Out of date firmware may affect stability of connectivity to shelves.
Internal Info: SigBurt: 513261
More Info: Shelf firmware download page
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FilipZahradnikConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Out-of-date qual-devices-v3 file refers to the Disk qualification Package (DQP). Upgrading this is non-disruptive.

ACP (Alternate Control Path) is only used for management, not for data transfers. Upgrading ACP firmware is also non-disruptive. However, the IOM module in your post is the internal IOM6E expander in the head unit. There is no ACP firmware package for IOM6E as it is part of the Service Processor (SP). If you really want to update it, try updating your SP firmware. If SP is up-to-date, then you kind of need to live with it ;)
Details here:

DQP insturctions and download:
SP instructions and downloads:
Paul SolovyovskySenior IT AdvisorCommented:
ACP firmware does not require downtime.
pzozulkaAuthor Commented:
So I tried upgrading the IOM6E firmware by following this article:

We are running ONTAP 8.1, so it should be non disruptive yet after copying the .SFW and .FVF files, nothing is happening. I had to restart the filer for the change to take place. Now I have to do this on other filers, what do I need to do to make it "non disruptive"? Is there a command I need to run?
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IOM firmware update is normally nondisruptive, as long as you follow the instructions and meet the criteria in the article. After you place the files in the correct directory, ONTAP picks them up and installs them if update is necessary. What IOM version were you running before?

However, please note that you updated the IOM firmware, not the ACP firmware. External shelves like DS4243 with IOM3 or IOM6, there are 2 pieces of firmware involved - IOM and ACP-IOM. In your case, for the internal IOM6E, there is only the IOM firmware. ACP firmware is not available separately for reasons I explained above.
pzozulkaAuthor Commented:
Here's the line directly from the sysconfig -a command, so it looks like we were on version 0113:

Shelf 0: IOM6E    Firmware rev. IOM6E A: 0113  IOM6E B:

As for the ACP firmware, we understand that this is not available, and at this point we are only trying to update the shelf firmware, only. I uploaded the two files (.SFW and .FVF) to the correct directory, and gave it about an hour while periodically running the sysconfig -a command to see if the new firmware would automatically show up, but it didn't (until I rebooted).
Is option shelf.fw.ndu.enable set to on?

You should be able to kick the update off manually by running "priv set advanced" then "storage download shelf". I suggest you do it in a maintenance window to minimize risk.
pzozulkaAuthor Commented:
It's set to on.

Ok, I'll try that command. I've read through a few articles on installing the firmware, and I've see nthat command used on older ONTAP versions, but not on the 8.1. I'm assuming it should still work though, so I'll give it a try.

I can confirm that the storage download shelf command is still present in ONTAP 8.1.

I strongly suggest you first try it in a maintenance period or on a non-production controller, in case something unexpected happens. There might be a reason why ONTAP is not kicking off the automatic updated.
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