Measuring disk performance

I have a Dell PE720XD with 20 600GB 10k RPM drives configured in RAID6.

I'm in a process of moving about 10 servers onto this virtual host running Server 2012/Hyper-V 3.

I've been trying to figure what what performance objects I should monitor to get a good idea if I'm running into bottlenecks, specifically disk. I have 129GB RAM and 2 8 core CPUs so that will less likely be an issue and it's easier to see a bottleneck there. But with disk sybsystem I find it more confusing to figure the right objects and data to look at so I would appreciate more details what to look at

Thank you
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Rahul PatilConnect With a Mentor Commented:

se the following Performance Monitor counters to measure the performance of physical and logical disks.

% Disk Time

Avg. Disk Queue Length

Current Disk Queue Length

Avg. Disk sec / Transfer

Disk Bytes / sec

Avg. Disk Bytes / Transfer

Disk Transfers / sec

% Free Space

piotrmikula108Author Commented:
whats value should be warning?
Rahul PatilCommented:

Actually it depends upon your environmental setup and your capacity planing.Generally speaking average 80-90% threshold is good.

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