Macbook Pro Stuck on Wake White Loading Bar

My new Macbook Pro is behaving oddly when I open the lid after having put it to sleep by closing the lid earlier in the day.

The system resume process starts, but then gets stuck part way through. The gray and white bar that appears partly loads but then stops and does not progress. I've let it sit for over an hour like this and there has been no change.

Laptop is only two weeks old, bought new from Apple. Has Mountain Lion on it. Is not a retina display and not a Solid State hard drive.

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strungConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If it is only two weeks old, I would make an appointment at a genius bar and have them look at it.
telstar_Author Commented:
Turns out if you use a Time Machine restore from Snow Leopard to Mountain Lion it gets screwy. Had to do a fresh install of Mountain Lion and then just load the users files and programs in manually.
telstar_Author Commented:
Thanks for your suggestion. The Apple Genius squad gave me the info I needed to solve the problem.
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