Prevent user from launching second new pagefor IE in Terminal Server/Citrix environment

Hello Experts,

Here is the scenario: User launches an IE website from Citrix page. This IE is published on a Windows 2003 server and when clicked it launches the IE of that Windows 2003 Server (Content redirection not possible to user desktop).
The problem is though we have limited the user session to a single session and disabled CTRL+N for the published IE application, each time the user clicks on the icon, it opens up another IE page within the same session. Application owner does not want this.
I need a solution that checks if the user has already opened up the IE page in that server and restrict him from opening another IE page within the same session or new session.

I found this code which detects IE process, but if I use this then this does not allow any second user to launch IE page:

TASKLIST /NH | FIND /I "iexplore"
IF %IELevel% NEQ 0 START iexplore.exe

Is there any way i can list the IE process for each user by some user ID and thus prevent him from launching IE for his login alone.
Is there any other solution which which checks IE process for the current user and stops him from opening another IExplore.exe ?
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Ayman BakrConnect With a Mentor Senior ConsultantCommented:
That is not working because he has published the script from which he is calling the web page to start in IE.

But why has he called IE from a VB script on the first hand? I am with simplicity and unless he has a strong reason for doing so, it would be better to publish the IE itself and limit it to one instance for each user.
Ayman BakrSenior ConsultantCommented:
You can limit the number of instances of a published application that a user can run from the published application properties.

In the Delivery Service Console, App Center in the newest versions of XenApp, go to the IE application properties > click the limits on the left column > check Allow only one instance of application for each user
sunilswainAuthor Commented:
Hello Mutawadi,

This has already been implemented. But it does not seem to work. The application owner has scripted the IE launch in VB script. Citrix just calls the batch file to launch the webpage in IE. Limiting the user instance to ONE does not seem to take effect at all.

Now am looking for a scripted solution which will check if the webpage is already open for the user session and exit if it is already open. I think this would be most appropriate approach!
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