Upgrading SQL Express to SQL Standard


i have an sharepoint installation with SQL express , what will be the easiest way of getting the sharepoint databases running on SQL 2005 standard ?

can you upgrade the version to SQL 2005 STD with cd ? or what needs to happen ?
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liijaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Should be pretty straight forward.
Key thing is to run setup with parameter SKUUPGRADE:
setup.exe SKUUPGRADE=1

Then in the SQL installation dialogs do not choose 'Default instance', choose 'Installed instances' and pick the correct one which you are going to upgrade. Express doesn't have the same default instance name as SQL full installation.
ZniperAuthor Commented:
i tried upgrading sql express to SQL 2005 and now after choosing installed instances i pick up the following....

Check attached file

any ideas ?
Looks like it would try to do a fresh install instead of upgrade. Double check the startup parameters.
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