jQuery Datatables with server side processing: fnAddDataAndDisplay

I am using datatables 1.9 with server side processing.  I would like to add new records and display the newly added records.  When not using server side processing I can use the fnAddDataAndDisplay() function.  

Is there a method or technique similar to fnAddDataAndDisplay() that works with server side processing?

For instance, I could add the record - locate the record with a query - and have datatables go to the correct page.  However, I can not locate a method to make datatable go to the page I want.

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HyperBPPConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
So I created a server side and made an ajax call on once the data was added and update the table to the position

queryString = '?iDisplayLength=' + oSettings._iDisplayLength + '&iSortingCols=1' + 
						'&sSearch=' + oSettings.oPreviousSearch.sSearch  + '&sSortDir_0=' + oSettings.aaSorting[0][1] +
						'&iSortCOL_0=' + oSettings.aaSorting[0][0] + '&record=' + response["UUID"] + 
						'&name=' + $.urlParam('name');

					url:'DB/CFM/dataTablePositionAjaxForm.cfm' + queryString,	
					success: function(data, textStatus,jqXHR){
						//go to position
						oSettings._iDisplayStart = data["sStart"] - 1;
						oSettings.oApi._fnDraw( oSettings );

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HyperBPPAuthor Commented:
Almost works.  However, adds the row to the displayed rows and sorts based on the displayed rows rather than all data available on server side.  Probably not a function to work with the server side data.... hmmm.

However, the iDisplay start propery may be what I'm looking for.   this would let me go to the desired page.  I just may have to do an extra server side call to calculate the page and write an extra server side source page that does this.

But, I need to know if my table is using server side processing or not.  I have both types of tables in my app.  Know of a property that can True/False the server side of the table?
HyperBPPAuthor Commented:

HyperBPPAuthor Commented:
Posted the final answer.  Leakim's answer contributed to the knowledge.
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