Need a Netgaer layer 3 switch that stacks with a Netgear GS748TPS

Hello experts,

We currently have 2 x GS748TPS switches stacked and managed by a single web interface (they stack with HDMI 10Gbps link)

I'm looking for a switch that can stack with these switches to provide VLAN routing (the GS748TPS provides VLAN but no VLAN routing) and we need to take a high capacity routing solution between the VLANS.

We also need to do this as we have no control over the Checkpoint firewall which is currently performing the VLAN routing and is managed by head office security in Austria (I was called in to help with this setup after the infrastructure was already in place).
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ArneLoviusConnect With a Mentor Commented:
From here

A stack consists of up to six GS700TPS and/or GS700TS series (GS724TS, GS724TPS, GS748TS and GS748TPS)

These are only L2 switches, there is no L3 switch that will stack with them.

If you needed more than 1GBof bandwidth between the VLANS, you could use LACP trunks between the stack and a L3 switch.
duddit2Author Commented:
Thanks, that's pretty much what I was thinking but couldn't seem to get a definitive answer (or had brain fart moment trying to use the KB) ;)
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