Office 365 Certificate Alert when connecting Outlook.

I have just move one of our clients over to a Hosted Office 365 account and all works ok but I have one issue.  When connecting there outlook desktop client to the exchange server I got a popup alert that said the certificate is either expired or not setup yet.   I can just click yes and proceed but this popup occurs every time you open outlook.  The client used to have an SSL certificate through GoDaddy for credit cards but did not use it anymore and it has expired.  The hosting company they use said they would probably need to get a CSR from the Exchange server that hosts the Exchange but I do not host the Exchange Microsoft does so I guess my question would be has anyone ever ran into this before and if so what could be done to get rid of the alert.  I called Microsoft but they were not really any help.  Any help would be appreciated thanks.
Don ColemanOwnerAsked:
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justinoleary911Connect With a Mentor Commented:
we had this issue at a client and the resolution below helped us fix the problem.
Don ColemanConnect With a Mentor OwnerAuthor Commented:
Asked the hosting provider to remove the certificate and that appears to have fixed the problem thanks for the help.
Don ColemanOwnerAuthor Commented:
Need to go my own way but suggestion helped.
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