Can i increase the internal memory with OEM parts?

Hi Experts, I have a hp folio 13.3" ultrabook that am extremely happy with except for the built in memory (which is only 128gb). Is there a way for me to swap out the memory for a bigger one?? If possible, could you please also help with the vendor information and installation instructions? I've attached the detailed specs for your review. Thanks in advance for your help.

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You would need to change the hard drive which is a relatively easy process, but that would also mean that you would have to either backup and restore your operating system (Windows 7 I'm guessing) or reinstall it.

Also based on the specs of your laptop and the listing I have found your 128GB drive is a new Solid State Drive. That's a pretty decent size for the SSDs and I would not change it since it is the ideal hard drive for a portable computer (no moving parts). If you need more memory I would suggest you a small, external USB connected portable hard drive.

Something like this:

Based on the specs for your laptop it has one USB 3.0 port which will give you extremely fast data transfer if you are using an external drive that supports it (the model I have listed in the Amazon link does).

I would get the external and leave the 128GB drive in place.
mc7560Author Commented:
Hi EMJSR, thanks for the response. I already have a passport and the problem is carrying it around for meetings etc. If i have no option, i'll live with that. Thanks again for your help.
if you want to replace it, take a look here for bigger sized models :

you would need to make an image of it, and restore that to the new drive
i recommend the free Paragon for this :
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mc7560Author Commented:
hi nobus, thanks for the response. how complicated is it to replace the drive? is there space in this machine (physical) to fit the new one?
normally on HP's it requires 2 screws on the bottom to replace the drive
the outline should be as a normal sata drive

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mc7560Author Commented:
thanks you so much
you know how to put the OS on the new drive?
if not, just say so
mc7560Author Commented:
i don't actually. thanks for asking and most importantly thanks for your help.
well there are 2 ways
-if HP provides a program for making recovery CD's - use it
-or make an image of the OS, you can use the free paragon  B&R :
mc7560Author Commented:
Nobus, much appreciated. Have a good one.
actually, often there is a 3rd option if there is a recovery partition on the disk, you can often reset everything to factory settings - be sure to backup your data first though
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