can't resolve host without using FQDN, site to site VPN with ASA5505s

I have two cisco ASA5505 units creating a site to site VPN, the primary site has a Small Business 2011 Server. The remote site has a couple of work stations.

The problem I'm having is at the remote site.

Host name will resolve with NSLOOKUP abc.domain.local but not with NSLOOKUP ABC

Run command works with \\abc.domain.local but does not work with \\abc

DHCP is being done by the ASA 5505 at each end.
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Make sure the dhcp settings on the Asa includes the root domain as well as the correct server which should be the sbs. If you don't have the domain specified, the dhcp client won't know what domain to append to all non-fqdn dns requests, and using the wrong dns server easy to understand why it won't work.

Don't use wins unless absolutely required.
AkinsdNetwork AdministratorCommented:
Check if you can configure wins on the ASA
Or see if you can configure flat named spaces on the ASA
I'm not too familiar with ASA firewall but fqdn only resolutions is due to inabilities to resolve flat names meaning there is no DNS record for flat names
ucandoITAuthor Commented:
That was exactly the problem, sorry for the delay in reply.
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