recommendations for wireless access point with guest access

Can anyone recommend a wireless access point with guest access option.

this is what we want :

- 2 new wireless access points in our office
- we want staff members with laptops to be able to have full network access (same as plugging into the LAN)

- we would like to have a guest - wifi key different from the main (staff members wifi key) to allow guest clients to be able to browse the internet only? e.g so they cant browse the internal networks pcs or servers etc

- Please note we only have 1 adsl connection and dont want to have to purchase 2

I have seen this guest option on Watchguard firewalls before so I am pretty sure it can be donw with the correct equipment?

please advise guys

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Keef4000Connect With a Mentor Commented:

They actually will send you the equipment for free so you can test it. One AP will allow multiple SSID's and is very easy to manage via the cloud. The devices are fairly cheap as well depending on your setup of course.
phoenix81Author Commented:
thanks Keef their products look very good but they are a bit expensive from what I can see e.g cheapest Wireless ap is $399 do you know of any other cheaper solutions?

thanks again
Not sure how many you need but if you sign up for a webinar they send you one to keep for free.

For what you get and the ease of use its a great solution. Price I cant comment on as it just depends on who you ask. Those are list prices anyways. The resellers sell them for cheaper usually.
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Scott CConnect With a Mentor Senior Systems EnginerCommented:
If it is a relative small office environment I recommed this:

If it is larger take a look at these...they are expandible: 

I have the linksys at home on the 1st floor and get excellent reception on the 3rd floor.

I can also get half-way down the block watching a movie on my iPad before I lose the signal.
Rick_O_ShayConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Look into the Netgear wireless line like the NETGEAR Wireless Router - AC 1750 Dual Band Gigabit (R6300). This one has 802.11ac and guest.
profgeekConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I use this Netgear.  It's dual band (2 radios, b/g/n) and has a built-in guest network.  It's relatively inexpensive and does the job very well for me.  It has reasonable range, but you might consider 2 of them.
phoenix81Author Commented:
Thanks guys - for reference I went with Draytek 2830 N - aswell as the Draytek ap-800 wireless access points - this allowed me to create guest networks and the domain network that I desired at a relatively low cost - And for reference I find the - Sales guys and tech support very good. they walked me through the setup when need and all is now working thank you for your various opinions.
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