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Cannot join domain over VPN

I am trying to join a win 7 client to a domain over a vpn. All ports are opened correctly but I do not get prompted for credentials I just get the below error. The remote site I am trying to join from is on 192.168.0.X and the DC server ranges are 192.168.1.X
The client is set to the dns of the servers. When I bring the win 7 machine back to the same network the servers are on I am able to join the machine to the domain fine. Any ideas if this is a firewall port issue or should I be looking at the server side. I  am obviosuly making contact as I am able to get the server details just not join the domain. Thanks.

DNS was successfully queried for the service location (SRV) resource record used to locate a domain controller for domain


The query was for the SRV record for _ldap._tcp.dc._msdcs.mydomain.local

The following domain controllers were identified by the query:

However no domain controllers could be contacted.

Common causes of this error include:

- Host (A) or (AAAA) records that map the names of the domain controllers to their IP addresses are missing or contain incorrect


- Domain controllers registered in DNS are not connected to the network or are not running.
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1 Solution
Ugo MenaCommented:
Check to make sure you are allowing NetBios over TCP/IP within your firewall.

Service overview and network port requirements for Windows:

A summarized list of services, ports and protocols required for member computers and domain controllers to inter-operate with one another or for application servers to access Active Directory include but are not limited to the following.

List of services on which Active Directory depends:

    Active Directory / LSA
    Computer Browser
    Distributed File System Namespaces
    Distributed File System Replication (if not using FRS for SYSVOL replication)
    File Replication Service (if not using DFSR for SYSVOL replication)
    Kerberos Key Distribution Center
    Net Logon
    Remote Procedure Call (RPC)
    Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP)
    WINS (in Windows Server 2003 SP1 and later versions for backup Active Directory replication operations, if DNS is not working)
    Windows Time
    World Wide Web Publishing Service

List of services that require Active Directory services:

    Certificate Services (required for specific configurations)
    DHCP Server
    Distributed File System Namespaces (if using domain-based namespaces)
    Distributed File System Replication
    Distributed Link Tracking Server
    Distributed Transaction Coordinator
    DNS Server
    Fax Service
    File Replication Service
    File Server for Macintosh
    Internet Authentication Service
    License Logging
    Net Logon
    Print Spooler
    Remote Installation
    Remote Procedure Call (RPC) Locator
    Remote Storage Notification
    Remote Storage
    Routing and Remote Access
    Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP)
    Terminal Services
    Terminal Services Licensing
    Terminal Services Session Directory
Ugo MenaCommented:
Also see

This section discusses diagnostic tools and gives examples of possible authentication problems, along with suggested solutions.
Sid_FAuthor Commented:
I appreciate the links but its more specific what I am looking for. I can google the usual ms articles and the above ports cover every possible requirement for a domain PC but mine is specific error after opening
dns and
88/TCP/UDP Kerberos
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Ugo MenaCommented:
Ok. Just making sure.

This seems to point to your VPN endpoint and a NAT or routing issue. Do you know what address you are being assigned once the VPN is established?
are you able to ping from a domain controller to the VPN connected endpoint ?

I would guess that the VPN traffic is going over NAT
Sid_FAuthor Commented:
Ping is not enabled unfortunately
if you can;t ping, then you are unlikely to be able to join the domain.

I would work on establishing the VPN and allowing full bidirectional connectivity
Sid_FAuthor Commented:
If ICMP is blocked this would only affect ICMP traffic which is not needed for joining a domain. The problem has been resolved and this is down to firewall not allowing specific ports. I used the tools PortQryUI.exe and ldp.exe to identify the problem ports. Thanks
granted, but usually if ICMP is blocked, other ports will also be blocked, which is what you experienced...

Which ports other than those you had already listed did you need to open ?
Sid_FAuthor Commented:
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