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Lotus Notes in Citrix

Recently, we can no longer add new users in Standard Lotus 8.5.3 on XenApp 6.5 in Citrix.  Existing users can still use Lotus without issue and Lotus can be installed on workstation/PCs without issue.  Just recently none of the fixpacks are installing either on any Citrix servers but other programs install correctly and Lotus Notes installs without issue.  We were placing the user's data on a home H: drive, not supported by IBM, which has been working for about a year.  I get the same results when I try the recommended way and use setup.exe /s /v"SETMULTIUSER=1 MULTIUSERBASEDIR=\"c:\Documents and Settings\!USERNAME!\" MULTIUSERCOMMONDIR=c:\Notes\common CITRIX=1" The workspace folder is created in the correct location and Lotus Notes starts without issues but if I delete  the workspace or data folder to replicate the issue with a new user I am prompted for the user info like expected and credentials are presented, using ID vault, please wait appears with a progress bar that seems to move but never goes completes.  Sometimes other messages will appear in the progress such as mail but the process never finishes.  The workspace folder is created with some items but not complete.  We have a ticket in with IBM support and Citrix support but each keep blaming the other and nothing is helping.  I am attaching log files which is the current installation using is "\\hq-fileserver01\IT\Install\LotusCli\Current Notes Client 8.5.3\Setup.exe" /v"SETMULTIUSER=1 MULTIUSERBASEDIR=H:\WINDOWS\ MULTIUSERCOMMONDIR=D:\ProgramData\Common"
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Here is an update to the issue.  When I perform an initial install the workspace folder is created and I can successfully launch Lotus Notes.  Any attempts to open Lotus from another user creates a new data directory for the new users and the workspace folder created for them is incomplete so Lotus hangs on the please wait.
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We had the same issue. You miss one backslash for multiusercommondir.
Try to install notes with the following command (change paths for your needs, but watch for the backslashs):

Thanks for your response nimatejic.  I took your exact example and tried it but I get the same results.  First time install works fine but when I delete the workspace folder and let Notes recreate it nothing more is created after org.eclipse.core.runtime.  Within that folder I only see and that's it.  This is all in the .metadata\plugins.  Something else to note is that I turned off DEP using the BCDEDIT command and rebooted.  I also used your command but change the H: to a local drive letter to take out network folder locations out of the equation.  I tried both ways.
You might want to clean-up your notes.ini file too once you delete the workspace folder.
I did as well as try deleting the whole data directory.
Does it help to run as administrator or make the user a local admin? What about teasing against a different home location or share?
I did try a different Home location to see if that is the cause.  I have tried installing with local admin account with same result.  I took the Citrix server out of the current OU so that the roaming profile piece is taken out and I still get the issue.
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Thanks for the info! Glad you have it sorted out.
CCleaner was just a long shot attempt and it fixed the issue.  I was told by my server admins that they would not have thought to run CCleaner.  No one else was close on the solution that is why I did not award points to anyone else.