How do I clear the paper jam message on the LCD of a MFC-9400CN printer

How do I clear the paper jam message on the LCD of a MFC-9400CN printer? Followed Brother's trubleshooting guide with no luck: How do I clear the message "Jam Tray 1" or  "Jam Tray 2" from the LCD display?

Tried a reboot & it still says:
Jam Tray 1
remove the jammed paper from tray 1
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hdhondtConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I'm confused about your problem. Are you saying that the jam is now cleared, but the printer jams whenever there are more than 50 pages in the tray?

If that is the case, what paper are you using? If you get this when using plain paper, there may be a mechanical problem in the tray. I would start by cleaning the pick rollers. Use sticky tape to remove paper dust and other debris from the roller. Then use isopropyl alcohol to remove any possible glue from the tape.

If the problem is not what I assumed, please clarify what is happening.
Usually jams are detected by microswitches and photoeyes along the paper path. You did ensure there's no debris along the paper path from tray 1 to the output tray?

I would point out the page[s] of the manual the instructions for clearing jams are on, but it's not obvious which printer you have... It appears there are 4 different 9400's - the 9420, 9440, 9450 and 9460.
Which one do you have, exactly?

e.g. for the 9440 and 9450, the tray 1 jam is covered on pages 135 to 142  of that manual.
ID10TzAuthor Commented:

Yes I did follow the method as described in the manual you linked me to and nothing, but I have just made tray 2 available to fellow staff members and made sure that there is less than 50 sheets in at a time in tray 1 & so far it has not jammed again but this is simply a work around & not an actual solution, so any help you provide will be awesome.
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ID10TzAuthor Commented:
When a print job is sent to the printer 9440 the LCD shows paper jam in tray 1, but no jammed paper. I've cleaned the clear plastic roller on paper tray 1 & the rollers that are above the tray with no success. I'm using plain paper & the 50 sheets comments is just me seeing if the arm on the tray wasn't functioning right.
If the jam only happens if there is lots of paper in the tray, and you have cleaned the rollers, then there is something else wrong with the tray, or the slot it's in. If all trays are identical, try swapping tray 1 with another tray. If that fixes it, the problem is in the tray, if not, then the problem is in the tray slot. In that case you probably need a tech.
ID10TzAuthor Commented:
after cleaning the rollers since then has my issue been resolved. and has yet to return.
In the first reply (http:#a38837098 ) to your question, I said:
"You did ensure there's no debris along the paper path from tray 1 to the output tray?"
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