Visual studio 2005 hard crash

System is Windows 7 x64 with all current frameworks and updates. Applcation is Visual Studio 2005 PRO with all current service packs.

VS2005 has been installed and running with no problems for about 1 year. Yesterday, it started to crash unexpectedly during a winforms code edit session. Crash was typically 5-60 secons after starting to edit the code behind the form.

When I say a "hard" crash I mean with no messages or warnings. It simply closes without saving any changes. After the crash the event viewer shows 2 error messages:

1. The remote debugger is unable to communicate with Visual Studio, and must abort the remote debugging session. Please restart debugging.
2.    .NET Runtime version 2.0.50727.5466 - Fatal Execution Engine Error (7638C41F) (800703e9)

I do not use remote debugging so the service has always been disabled. I did try and enable and start the service but to no avail.

VS2005 uses three plugins. DevExpress, Visual SVN and HelpAndDoc. These plugins have aslo been installed about a year and have not been updated.

Finally, VS2005 will load, open a solution, compile and execute. The problem is only when trying to edit code/designer. I have reinstalled/repaired VS and this did seem to show some improvement in that the crash was not instant but about 60 seconds after edit starrted.
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CodeCruiserConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Do you have DevExpress CodeRush installed? I think the addon crashing the VS in code behind mode will be one which does formatting, code rewriting, intellisense etc.
Some generic ideas..

Run chkdsk with repair first before reinstalling.
Run restore to last known good working state.
Verify plenty of disk space.

And may as well check disk fragmentation as well (but that should not affect things unless your disk is very full).
Mihai StancescuSoftware Engineer Commented:

I had a similar problem (in VS 2012 too) but with the designer and the only thing that resolved it was to delete (or rename, or change extension) the .suo file located in the folder where you have your .sln file.  Also mine never gave me an error just crashed directly...

This will reset any open tabs and windows positions that you made for that solution.

Hope this helps,
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More specific ideas that helped others with quirky VS problems on a particular project..

Create a new solution and project from scratch. This is better than "clean" in case a VS project file got corrupted. Do not refer to existing code. Just copy the source code over to the new project.
AlwaysSomethingToLearnAuthor Commented:
Some other points:
1. DIsk has 700GB free space
2. Already deleted the solution and restored new copy from SVN
3. This issue is occuring with other VS2005 solutions, not just one
4. Other developers are accessing the same solution via SVN and have no problems
5. I have VS 2008 and 2010 on this system and they appear to be working OK
AlwaysSomethingToLearnAuthor Commented:
Safe mode appears to resolve the issue or at least it's not crashed within the last 30 minutes.
So its one of the addons that's causing the issue.
AlwaysSomethingToLearnAuthor Commented:
But which one? I don't want to uninstall them all, is there any argument to devenv that will allow one specific addon to be loaded?

Also safe mode does not want to open a web service project type. Message is that this project type is not supported. Any way around this?
AlwaysSomethingToLearnAuthor Commented:
That was the one. Now seems stable with with SVN running. Many thanks for your suggestions and help.
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