Powershell very slow in recursing through directory listing

When I execute a recursive directory listing in CMD shell it zips along speedily.

dir /s

However, when I do the same with Powershell the result is much slower

get-childitem -recurse

Is there a way to improve the speed of output?
John DarbyPMAsked:
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Meir RivkinFull stack Software EngineerCommented:
you can use FileSystem.GetFiles which is faster and can be run via powershell:
How to speed up Powershell Get-Childitem over UNC
John DarbyPMAuthor Commented:
Thank you for the pointer! :)
Just to add, supposedly PS 3.0 is much faster in this regard.
John DarbyPMAuthor Commented:
I sure look forward to that! :)
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