Trend Worry Free Business Security 8 - Security Agents are not showing in the WFBS console


In our Trend Worry Free Business Security 8 the Security Agents are not showing in the WFBS console.

The Servers and the Desktops are empty and the CSA Agent are all showing "offline" on each desktop / servers.

If I open up an agent, the protection is enabled, the virus pattern is good, and it's show connected to our servers.............

I try the following :
- No firewall on the servers.
- I try to rebuild the httpbd
- I restarted the server and the agents (twice)
- I ping and check the connectivity all is good.

Any idea ?  Our version 7 was working great, but after the upgrade this started.

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bmdgiConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Yes sorry, didn't update the case.

The issue was Internet Explorer version 8 on the server !!! We open up the console from another machine and all was working fine.... Thanks IE for this bug we nearly destroy all our server install.

IE was not able to generate the "list".
Sudeep SharmaTechnical DesignerCommented:
Did you tried the Knowledgebase articles from Trend to resolve this:

bmdgiAuthor Commented:
Not working both.
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dresnergroupManaging PartnerCommented:
Did you ever find a resolution to this issue?  If so, please share.

dresnergroupManaging PartnerCommented:
Thanks for the feedback.  We found our issue was related to a CGI error with IIS.  The local user account associated with the Trend Micro installation was not configured in IIS.  Not only that, but the TM installer did not add the correct app pool to IIS either.

bmdgiAuthor Commented:
we found the solution please read my answer
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