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I have a new customer (auto repair) that uses a wireless access point in there business for employee laptops when working on cars. They've also been giving out the wireless password to their customers to use while waiting for their cars to be serviced. I pointed out that any customer with wireless access would have access to the company's computers since they'd all be on the same network.

Current network configuration is a switch plugged into a telco DSL modem/router. All the computers and the wireless AP are plugged into the switch.

Is there any kind wireless access point device that can be plugged into a network switch that can be configured with a different network? I could plug a wireless router configured with a different IP address into the switch to accomplish this, but wondering if there's a better way.


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Wireless router would be the way to go, but use that for your client. Let his customers use the Wireless AP. That way the wireless router will be firewalled between the customers and the client.

DSL Modem -> Switch -> AP (Guests/Customers)
                                       -> Wireless router (Client Computers)
markperl1Author Commented:
Thank you!
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