Temporarry swtich off time synch with Active Directory ?

Hi Experts,

There will be few Windows 7/Windows 2008 clients in my windows 2008 active directory environment.

In the client end changing time is not possible but it's soon sync with the AD server, but there will be a requirement to change the time and test a application.

What is best possible quick way of doing this for these selected clients in my AD environment ?

Please assist and thanks a lot for your time !
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SandeepConnect With a Mentor Sr System AdministratorCommented:
Open the registry editor (regedit), navigate to:

Find the REG_SZ value named Type. Edit the value to NoSync. Set it back to Nt5DS when you need to sync with the domain hierarchy again

Reference is


If you want to disable time sync for machine out of domain, then refer below link

Pramod UbheCommented:
login to the client with local admin account instead of domain account and change the time.
Shakthi777Author Commented:
not sure about it.. have to test it.. I'll post you the results !
Shakthi777Author Commented:
great !
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