Measure bandwidth on a Sonicwall, over MPLS

You'd think this would be easy...
We just need to know how much bandwidth is being used by TCP vrs UDP packets, to determine whether the problem is with packet collision, or faulty NIC's, etc., on our polycom video conferencing equipment (which shows considerable packet loss in it's own status during calls)

Sonicwall TZ215 connected to our lan on X0, and our MPLS on X4.

X4 is 'portshielded', or basically 'one' with X0 (this makes it unavailable to choose from in the packet monitoring interface).

At this point I'm considering putting wireshark on a laptop and stick it in a hub I'd put between the sonicwall and the managed router going out to the MPLS.

I'm wondering if some sonicwall guru can tell me 'hey, it's easy, just do this', because I've beat my head against the wall trying to twist the packet monitor or bandwidth monitor to get down to this granularity I need to see.

So far no luck, but I'll take any thoughts I can get, including better answers than wireshark (which seems overkill, when all I need is TCP and UDP usage of the line).

I'd love a sonicwall answer, but any thoughts are welcome.

Thanks ahead of time, for taking your time!
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Not a sonic wall person however I do believe they support SNMP. Some of the TCP and UDP mibs may give you want you want.

Also,  instead of Wireshark you may want to look at NTOP on a stick.  NTOP does go beyond what you are looking for, but you may find the extra stuff NTOP gives you a benefit.
NeoDavidShepherdAuthor Commented:
Thank you, I'll go look at NTOP.... I was just downloading MTRG to see if that fit the bill...

THanks again, I'll let you know!
Out of the box MRTG will give you total interface bandwidth.

If there are SNMP MIB's that give you want you want then you can customize MRTG to poll those MIBS.

NTOP will give you information like:


broadcast. vs. unicast. vs. multicast.

HTTP. vs. FTP vs. Telnet, vs HTTPS, vs. "and so on".

Traffic to a specific external host

Traffic from a specific internal host

Traffic between specific internal and external hosts

Avg. BPS and max BPS to specific hosts.

And a lot more that I can't even remember.
NeoDavidShepherdAuthor Commented:
I did manage to turn on snmp for the sonicwall and used prtg to connect, although I think I have work to do on the sensor to get this working correctly. Worst case 'seems' to be that the sonicwall doesn't give out info on an interface when it's "portshielded" to another interface, but that remains to be proven.

The other solutions are still open to look at, but involve more of a learning curve, NTOP being somewhat daunting at first, though I'm sure it's simple after you get the idea of it right in your head. It's granularity is my problem, and learning how to control that.

For now I'm just putting in a switch on that port and run snmp results on prtg. Then I'll learn NTOP, and if it will do a better job.

Thanks for the thoughts, I think they are over my current experience and I need to find a solution that doesn't have me learning how to drive an 18 wheeler first.
Thanks for the points.

NTOP can be a bit daunting at first.  After using it for a few years there are still reports that I have not ever looked at.  Most of the basic stuff is fairly simple and easy.
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