Backup Boot partition

i need to backup and restore fedora 18 with gpt partition. on sdc1 i have bios boot and sdc2 is / and sdc3 is swap. i am able to backup sdc2 using fsarchiver but not sdc1 the biosboot partition. is there where to back up sda1, so when i restored on another pc so fedora can run.
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multimacConnect With a Mentor Commented:
This is maybe an SELINUX flaw when you dont copy the ACL. When you boot into the grub boot loader, edit that line that specifies the Linux Kernel version  and add the snippet "selinux=0". Then boot into the system and try again.

If this works, you may need to relabel the filesystem with
touch /.autorelabel

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Alternative: Check your backup tool again. It is necessary to have ACL support.
Its fine. This parition is only created for the bootloader.  Just create sdc1 with parted and toggle the flags to bios_grub.

Assuming that you have created sdc1 already:
parted /dev/sdc
set 1 bios_grub on

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Then process to reinstall grub, e.g.
grub-install /dev/sdc

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NetRock6Author Commented:
Thanks for the reply.
I did not try your suggestion yet,
But if on the same PC i only backup the / partition and restore it,
I can not logging as root anymore. I tried to boot to single mode and ran
passwd to change the root password, it worked but then when i restart, the grub loads fine
on screen before i get to the log prompt in text mode, there is screen that show Fedora 18 is loading with 3 lines that follow each other, all the lines complete and freeze just there and i never get to log on prompt, is there a way to solve this issue after restore of / partition.

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NetRock6Author Commented:
after doing restore i am not able to loging using the right credentials.

the error i am getting is:
--root no shell permission

is there a way to fix this.
a quick prompt highly appreciated.

NetRock6Author Commented:
Hi thanks for the quick reply and working solution.
I am using "fsarchiver"

but it says by default should support ACl, but i guess it has issue with selinux,
i am working on it to find a work around
NetRock6Author Commented:
fsarchiver -A savefs
would solve the issue
NetRock6Author Commented:
Thanks for the quick prompt.
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