IP SLA Measurements

Hello Experts,

We're in the process of acquiring circuits from chosen ISP providers.

I would like to find out the minimum bandwidth requirements for certain business applications in order to benchmark IP SLAs.

For example, voice traffic require a minimum bandwidth requirement in order to prevent jitter, or echo etc....

I would like to know what are the minimum bandwidth requirements for the following applications/services:

Email, web, CIFS, Citrix, BIM, Microsoft Lync, video conferencing & IP telephony.

Your help will be greatly appreciated....


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David Johnson, CD, MVPConnect With a Mentor OwnerCommented:
skype/lync are very picky when it comes to connection latency for video calls. Audio only is very forgiving.. 56kbps/client is more than sufficient.

IP Telephony is normally kept within the LAN and not over the WAN. Audio again is very low bandwidth.

Email, web,

If you have your own exchange server, coming into the server is also very low bandwidth as the amount of data is very small.

You have to look at what you have now.. and if you are maxing out the bandwidth that you are currently getting... Web browsing is entirely site dependent.. Google Earth, Youtube HD will kill your bandwidth.. 5MB/sec per user or more. Facebook doesn't require much bandwidth.

A Web Server on the other hand is dependent upon the # of users connected at one time and the amount of data to be sent per page view.

Remote Desktop depends upon the quality of the experience.. from 56Kbps to 100MB/sec required per user in bursts.

Biggest concern is having a balanced up/down speed.. 1.5MB down and 50KB/up would not be sufficient.
Rich RumbleSecurity SamuraiCommented:
How many users? What does your video/voice vendor recommend? Here is something from the Skype FAQ that may help, but it's going to depend on vendors and the settings being used.

There is next to no context in the question, how much email are you expecting, cifs/smb... why would you do that over the internet, perhaps over a private network (vpn), frame or mpls connection? Citrix too, how many users...

To me I'd say DS3 minimum for 100 people, but those are typically less expensive tham a 10Mb link in an MPLS cloud. Cable/broadband for business is often very cheap but less reliable than hard links like ds3, oc1's etc... MPLS and Frame-Relay are also very reliable, it's the last mile that is almost always the trouble there.
btanExec ConsultantCommented:
The conferencing bw depends a lot on the expected users involved and the quality of the stream delivery. Suggest you also see the below which brought out pertinent considerations and metrics



Also if of interest, measure the trial setup would be nice

I would factor redundancy if availability is of importance. E.g. If you can provide redundant internet links with SIP trunks on each to each site, then this rules out the need for a local PSTN connection via ISDN...security and interoperability with enterprise existing pstn via sip trunks may need to factor too...I was thinking of provisioning of enterprise session border controller or sort by hosted enterprise provider
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btanExec ConsultantCommented:
thought another key metric is QoS esp applicable when dealing with all these services. host provider should be able to give that value added service by priortising as BW is still limited but if it can also be used the "other round", giving lower priority to those traffic or rate limiting it.


The differentiated service or DiffServ is commonly referred to which has network traffic entering a DiffServ domain subjected to classification and conditioning. This also leads to Bandwidth Broker which is an agent that has some knowledge of an organization's priorities and policies and allocates quality of service (QoS) resources with respect to those policies.

This link can be of interest

This QoS test result cna help in comparison or as estimate expectation from ISP

Currently Available Test Metrics
Real-world HTTP Performance Test to Top 20 rated websites around the globe
ICMP Ping Test to major routers in wide selection of countries (RTT/Jitter/Loss measurement)
UDP Ping Test to selected endpoints (RTT/Jitter/Loss measurement)
SIP (Voip) Ping Test to selected endpoints (RTT/Jitter/Loss measurement)
SIP (Voip) Priority under heavy load "QoS" test (RTT/Jitter/Loss measurement)
TCP Throughput Test
Keith AlabasterEnterprise ArchitectCommented:
The question is not really answerable as the circumstantial information is missing as is a target outcome. As is mentioned above already, a number of questions would be required to be answered in advance of making a considered response:

For example,
Number of users of each service?
Estimated numbers of each service operating concurrently over the same bandwidth?
Latency of the connections providing the link between your location and the ISP?
Are you hosting these solutions internally or taking them as a cloud or hosted service from the ISP/others?
Are you looking to give preference or priority to one or more services above the others? I note Breadtan has already made reference to DiffServ.

Other questions having a bearing will be the type of hardware you are going to terminate the link with i.e. capacity of router, firewall, proxy devices etc. You can have Gigabit connections to the ISP but under-performing appliances/devices can negate those before you have even started.

cpatte7372Author Commented:
Hello Experts,

This is all extremely helpful information.

Don't really know who to thank/points?
Rich RumbleSecurity SamuraiCommented:
You don't have to award points yet, we barely gave "answers"... do you have a head count, that's the main thing missing from the question, how many users do you have. How much email do you expect, how much traffic do you expect your site to get etc...
David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:
having a web server that only supports domain users vs something like facebook would considerably change any parameter that would be useful.

You need some baseline metrics before you can even begin.. Get the quotes with the SLA's from the providers you have access to and try and match them to your expected metrics.

As has been mentioned many times in the past, you need to know what your needs are.. As an analogy Do you need a Honda civic, Lamborghini, or  a Mac Truck? Each is the right solution for a particular subset of users/businesses.
cpatte7372Author Commented:
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