Network setup for multiple sites

My friend needs help with a class project and has designed an addressing scheme for his situation but I wanted to get any feedback on my recommendations.

8 locations connected to central location over T3
One WAP at each location
All servers at central location

IP addressing scheme is /24

Site 1 -
Site 2 - etc..

My questions is should we have each location on its own VLAN? Of course DHCP would be handing out IP addresses from the central location for all remote sites unless you think that is a bad idea.

Thanks for any suggestions.
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Sandeep GuptaConnect With a Mentor ConsultantCommented:
why you need vlan if you have central dhcp server ....just configure "ip helper" and each site's router LAN interface
MusicMan440Author Commented:
Yeah I agree I just thought of that.
blackhawk77Connect With a Mentor Commented:
The VLANs inconsequential here because there will be routers breaking up all the layer 2 networks.  As the previous poster stated, IP helper is all you need to make sure the centralized DHCP server is able to hand out the correct IPs per site.
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