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We have a new office coming on board. They will be remote and have 3 computers that share thier data at their end now by Logmein Hamachi. May still do that for thier office and 3 computers

We need to move their data,  docs, xls, Quickbooks data to our server in another office.  We have WIndows 2003 Standard edition on server in our main  office with 15 workstatoins either XP Pro or WIndwos 7 Pro.

We have Comcast High Speed Business internet account and behind the Comcast modem is a Netgear Prosafe VPN FIrewall FVS338   which the phone gusy put in to handle phone system and  another exisitng one man remote office phone system connection.  We also have rules and port  maps on the Netgear to allow main office users to connect remotely through it to their desktops in the main office when traveling etc

Since we typically have remote users connect on a one to one basis from remtoe location to their desktops in the main office using Remote Desktop connection through the Netgear router, we have never setup a VPN of any sort to allow them to connect to network and acccess data on the server or run apps without having a dsktop in main office to connect to.

Alot of this has been in place for long time and we have inherited it.    We would like to know best and most cost efficeint way to allow users in new remote office to connect to main office and acccess data and some apps without having to have one computer at main office dedicated for each of the 3 new remote office users.

I would like to upgrade to SBS 2011 and bring email in house (currently COmcast hosted Exchange which has been flaky) and have the remote abilities of SBS available or put in a Terminal Server but the powers that be don't want to spend money.  

They are also talking about going to Exchange 365 with 20 users which will add to internet traffic I asseume.

Anyway given all this, any ideas would be appreciated !
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joelsplaceConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You could setup anther VPN and VLAN if the router supports it.  You'll have to use VLANs since 2 VPNs connecting the same 2 networks will have routing issues that I don't know if the phone system can handle.  Unless the current VPN only has certain ports or types of traffic allowed it should allow access to your networks.
I haven't used any of the 365 products.
SBS doesn't have Remote Desktop server or Remote App licenses.
Only 2 RDP users at a time can connect to SBS without additional licensing.
SBS does have RWA which may do what you want.
The data should already be accessible through your VPN.  The apps are a different story.  Can you install the apps on the remote PCs?  If they have to run locally then you will have to have a PC for each person to remote into as you do now or setup some type of terminal server which is a problem with your 0 budjet.  Office 365 for 20 users is going to cost $ so maybe pitch spending that on a server instead?
to2007Author Commented:
THe  VPN is setup just for point to point for IP voice system and we don't mess with it as the phpne guy will shoot us.   We would need to setup another VPN i guess which honestly we have never done since using RDP or Terminal Server at othe companies.  ANy suggestions on that?

I think mainly it is Office Apps at remote location so they could get data on;py and Quickbooks i think can go be local at remote and data files at main office.

I agree about $$ on Office 365.  We have no experieince with it but boss thinks we can use exsiting OFfice 2007 and 2010 and then just pay the $8/user / month  Still adds up and a new SBS server on lease may be as cost effective on monthly basis.

DO you have any exoerience with Office/Excahgen 365 in this manner?

SBS would be able to have remote users connect and run data witout dedicated computer right?
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