Laser printer for ipad?

I'm setting up an ipad for my mom as her "primary computer".

What's a good ipad compatible B&W laser printer which does not first need to bet setup & paired with a computer?  (In other words: something I could unbox at her location and setup from scratch  without needing to first USB to a laptop).

I would think it would need an LCD screen on the printer to enter the SSID & Password.  

My HP laser doesn't have the LCD and requires me to first connect it to my pc (not something I want to do in this case.)

Any suggestions would be very much appreciated.

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Neadom TuckerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Take a look at a Lantronix xPrint Server:

You can add just about any printer and it gives it native AirPrint on the iPad, iPhone.  The home version supports 2 network printers and one via USB.  No installation needed.  They work GREAT!

Robby SwartenbroekxMSP engineerCommented:
In the specs it should state that AirPrint is supported. Then it can connect directly via the network.
mike2401Author Commented:
Great suggestion Suthngin.

I showed your answer to a friend at dinner who suggested an apple airport express router (since it's a new installation and she needs a wireless router anyway).  You can plug a usb  printer into it.
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SandeepConnect With a Mentor Sr System AdministratorCommented:
If you have HP Printer, just see if it has AirPrint on it? as advised by LordPan

This is new technology used by HP to allow printing from iPad or iPhone devices.

You can get more information about Air Print from

If you do not have such printer then you can choose one from the wide list given below, hope you have got more choice now.
mike2401Author Commented:
Thanks, but the main point of the question is I need a printer which either 1) has an LCD screen where I can enter the SSID & password on the printer, without requiring a laptop), or

2) a solution such as a router with a USB or ethernet port so I can do the initial config wifi
SandeepConnect With a Mentor Sr System AdministratorCommented:
HP Deskjet 3050A -
HP Deskjet 3054A
HP Deskjet 3070A
HP Deskjet 3510 e-All-in-One
HP Deskjet 3520 -
HP Deskjet 6520

The Link which I gave has got these printers which have AirPrint + LCD screen.

You can have JetDirect WiFi like this

But not sure if this JetDirect support AirPrint. You can get your printer over WiFi but not sure about able to accessible to Apple Devices.
mike2401Author Commented:
Well, it looks like it's not a simple as just plugging in a usb printer to the airport express router.

Here's the chat log from my chat with apple:

You are now chatting with David J

Welcome to the Apple Online Store. How are you doing?

Fine, thanks, and you?

Fantastic, thanks for asking.

How can I help today?

For the apple express router: can I plug a USB HP laser printer into it and air print to it from my ipad?

You can actually AirPrint using your wi-fi connection on your iPad and Printer.

except my printer is not wifi

Okay, you would have to have a wireless printer in order to use AirPrint.

I thought the apple airport express router has a USB plug so you can plug in a usb (non wireless printer) and make it wireless. Please confirm.

Thanks for waiting. I'll be right with you.

It does have wireless printing, but it would not turn the printer into a AirPrinter for your iPad.

The printer would already have to have the AirPrint built in.

so there are non wifi printers which have airprint, which would need to be plugged in via usb into the air port router?

An AirPrinter is a wireless printer that has the special function to be able to print with iOS devices like the iPad.

The AirPort Router can turn allow nonwi-fi printers to print wireless, but not for iOS devices like the iPad.

if the printer is wireless to begin with, then why would you need to connect it via a usb cable to the router: you would just join the ssid and be done with it. What am I missing?

I am really sorry for keeping you waiting, I'll be just another moment.

The router can be used for nonwireless printers.

So, does the non-wireless printer require air print in order to be printable from the ipad?

To print from the iPad you would need an AirPrinter.

Nonwireless printers are not AirPrinters.

Not all wireless printers are AirPrinters.

An AirPrinter is a special printer that has the function built inside to print with iPads.

I'll send you the link to the AirPrint basics and it also lists the AirPrinters.

Here comes the link.

Click here for AirPrint Basics

Let me know if that link opens for you.

let me look at the link. one moment please

Sure thing.

Ok. the wireless printer I was going to purchase is on the list (HP P1102w). However, that printer does not have an LCD screen so I was hoping I could USB connect it to the router and make it work. Normally, you would USB it to a pc, run a wireless setup utility on the pc to set the ssid & password, then uplug it and use it wireless. That's what I'm hoping to avoid

Just another minute.

I'm pulling that printer up.

Okay, that printer is actually not our site.

If you connect it using the AirPort extreme it would use the Bonjour feature for the iOS devices to be able to find it.

If you are not going to be using a computer to setup.

i only know 'bounjour' as a pc service installed with itunes. This will be for grandma who has no computer, I'm just getting her an ipad, printer & router, and want to make sure I don't need a pc to setup the printer.

Yes, as long as the iPad is connected to the same wireless device or signal it'll be able to locate the printer and select the print option.

this is a chicken & egg dilemma: out of the box, the hp air print printer is NOT on the same wifi network as the ipad, and there's no way to make it join until you connect it usb to a pc and run the pc utility. I'm hoping to avoid that by spending the extra $60 and getting the $99 air port router. Will the apple router solve my problem?:

I am really sorry for keeping you waiting, I'll be just another moment.

Because it is connected the the AirPort Express router it would be connected to the same Internet connection that the iPad is.

I would recommend going with one of the AirPrint printers on our website that have the functionality already built in.

I looked this printer up and it requires firmware updates for the AirPrint functionality as it did not originally come with.

And if you don't have a PC to connect to then it would not be possible to do the firmware updates on the Printer.

ok. good info, thanks!

have a great day!
Neadom TuckerCommented:
As I said the, Lantroix Device is plug and play.  Just need a supported printer.  Works with Native Air Print.
mike2401Author Commented:
Since it doesn't appear that there's a cost effective B&W compact laser which has an LCD screen on which I can enter the ssid & password, I'll probably get the HP p1102w for $150 and just set it up at my house with the SSID & Password via USB, then take it to the destination location.

Great find and suggestion for the lantroix . That certainly is another option.

mike2401Author Commented:
Thanks Everyone!
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