what are the typical hardware parameters while building any unix server.

Can you please advice, what are the typical hardware parameters we need to consider while building unix servers for  any env.

Once we get to know the needed parameters, will tune them which suite to our env accordingy.

actually these are needed us to send specification for our hardware vendor.

please advice
mac_gAdmin - Oracle Fusion Middleware suiteAsked:
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rindiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you are going to buy a bicycle in that case, you will also first have to tell the salesman what you will be using the bike for. Is it for your kids and what age are they (info needed for the size of the bike), or are you going to ride it? Are you going to race it? Then you probably need a racing bike that is built very light. Are you going to race it inside a hall, cross-country, or roads (you need different types of bikes for all these race types, for example better aerodynamics or sturdiness). Are you going to use it for shopping? Then you would need a sturdy city bike, possibly with a basket or with the possibility of hanging on a cart so you can transport the goods to buy. Or are you going to take your companion for the rides? Then you'd probably need a tandem.

So I suggest you go to your Boss and ask him what that server is going to be used for, what software it will be running (and also the manufacturer of that specific software, as usually when you need to run Unix, the reason is that you are bound to a certain software that doesn't run under any other environment), what Unix it will be running under etc. Also, most Unix's will need trained personal or partners that maintain it, so probably those people will know what the requirements are.
rindiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
There is no such thing as "typical hardware parameters while building any unix server".

The hardware you will need is dependent on other things. For example what is the unix flavor you are going to use (not all Unix's run on all platforms), as some are tied to certain manufacturers. Then, as server can be anything, from file-server (in which case you would probably mainly need lots of disk space), or database server (in which case you'd need fast disk access and probably also a fast CPU and plenty of RAM), or a Webserver (where you'd need fast network throughput) etc. Apart from that it also depends on the load you are going to expect.

So in order to get a proper idea you'd have to give us an idea on what that server will be used for, the load you'd expect, what software will be running on it, what unix flavor you want to use (and why unix, why not linux for example).
mac_gAdmin - Oracle Fusion Middleware suiteAuthor Commented:
thanks  for your update. actually am obligued to prepare to H/W specification from management for the new UNIX env they proposing.

as you said above

<<       (in which case you'd need fast disk access and probably also a fast CPU and plenty of RAM ...of disk space ... fast network throughput) etc      >>

as you see, the above snippet takenOut from ur reply, we are  expecting  such more/all  of parameters.

then as subsequent step,  based on requirement ,  will study the software certification matrix / and / expected load from users/ traffic, then we will tune each value of paramter accordingly.

till now, my experties is limited in UNIX , hence does not know about hardware parameters on which unix based servers usually built for production  purpose,  to prepare specification before sending to vendor.

Hope you are clear with the query am asking for .
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rindiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
No, it isn't clear at all. We MUST know what you will be running on that server, and we also MUST know which UNIX you will be running, etc. Your question is just far too generic. It's like asking I need to buy a car running on petrol or diesel. Which car must I buy? We have no idea what that car is going to be used for, do you need to use it on a race track, and if so what types of races... Or do you need it to transport goods from A to B, and if so are those goods heavy or light, do they need plenty of room or not. Or do you need it to be comfortable etc.
Rindi is right.
You need to start with needs->choose software solution->choose OS platform->calculate HW configuration->select server HW.
Choosing the server is basically the last step in decision making for covering your needs.
mac_gAdmin - Oracle Fusion Middleware suiteAuthor Commented:
ohh nice explanation.

to relate above,  to explain in that same language ...
I dont know more about the car. this is very new to me as I know just bike ride - two wheeler ,   therefore, i want to know  more/all PARTS of the any car, on which a typical car usually build. once I get to know all, I will tune each part of it to fit my requirement(  like  for small/long drive, load it should bear, ..etc )
Why only a grade of C? The info I gave is 100% correct and deserves a grade of A, based on the little information you gave us. To be able to give you a more accurate answer you MUST give us more detailed information on your actual requirements.
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