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A Tiles question, about putList I think

A complete newbie to Tiles, I have a page like this:

<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN">
<%@ taglib uri='/WEB-INF/struts-tiles.tld' prefix='template' %>
<template:insert page='/template/template.jsp'>
  <template:put name='title' value='Foo - Bar Response'/>
  <template:put name='header' value='/template/header.jsp' />
  <template:put name='error' value='/template/error.jsp' />
  <template:put name='sidebar' value='/template/sidebar.jsp' />
  <template:put name='content' value='/content/providerInquiryResultsContent.jsp'/>
  <template:put name='footer' value='/template/footer.html' /> 

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My requirement is to insert some additional jsp content -- for example moreStuff.jsp -- into the sidebar after /template/sidebar.jsp, which I cannot modify. As far as I can tell I do that with a putList, but what is the syntax?

As an aside I have not been able to find any central definition of templates as the tiles-defs.xml is almost empty and I don't see any other suspects. So I'm not clear whether I make changes here only or somewhere else first.
1 Solution
mccarlIT Business Systems Analyst / Software DeveloperCommented:
I have not been able to find any central definition of templates as the tiles-defs.xml is almost empty
The definition IS the bit of JSP that you included in your question. The definition can be placed in the tiles-defs.xml file (where it can be reused) or it can be defined explictly in the JSP (as you have here).

Also, I don't think the putList tag will do what you want. Not without changing the /template/template.jsp file to actually handle the list. But if you are able to change that file (rather than sidebar.jsp), you would just change it to accept a 'sidebar2' attribute, and then you could add another <template:put ...  to the above to pass the .jsp for your additional content.

If you aren't able to modify either the sidebar.jsp or template.jsp then I think you are stuck. I can't think of any other way to do what you want!
In Tiles we can define the definition in the tiles-defs.xml which specifies the different components to "plugin" to generate the output. This eliminates the need to define extra jsp file for each content file.

Here is interesting link

FelineConspiracyAuthor Commented:
Thank you. In this case I think I will reverse direction and bring sidebar.jsp into my page. My page is a special case in that there is no form for the user to fill out so I really cannot use the template profitably anyway.

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