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Hello All,

I ordered a new sonic wall to replace and existing firewall.   i purchased the installation package.  However halfway in to the installation the technician informed me that the subnet 192.168.1.x was common and not going to work with my VPN clients because most home networks operate with the same subnet.   He recommended changing the subnet but did not give any guidance. All of the VPN clients will be residential clients.   Is there a best business practice for an ip subnet for a small business yet able to access maximum devices. without running in to conflicting ip addressing\vpn  issues. can i just assign any set of ip address  internally and is there a set i should concider for usage?   Thank you
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arnoldConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Correct, you can choose any private block or combination of blocks

I.e. your switch supports DHCP relay agent functionality such that you can configure your DHCP with one IP scope for routed traffic and a separate for your guest.
Rob WilliamsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Both the LAN and VPN IP network segments should avoid common /default subnets like:

If any client tries to connect and their local subnet is the same, they will not be able to access resources on the corporate LAN, thus as mention at the corporate site avoid common subnets as per that list.  This may mean you have to change your current LAN network at the corporate site.
That's not true,as many different routers with different brand names hand out different subnet address ranges.

Most VPN  security settings actually will not allow you to access your home network  for security reasons.

Cisco by default has this turned on and I believe Sonicwall does the same.
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Rob WilliamsCommented:
I believe pgm554 is referring to split-tunneling (accessing home resources simultaneously with the corporate resources), which is a different issue.  That can be configured with the Sonicwall but is not by default, and not recommended.
The main point and the reason the issue came up deals with avoiding having the Corporate LAN and VPN IP ranges with IP addresses that are common out of the box among various retail routers.

Split tunneling is no panacea.

As to the consideration it depends on your need. I.e. do you use vlans, do you need to separate systems based on their use/department?
How many IPs do you need?
matthewttmConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi,  there is no recommended set as it depends on the number of users (PC, printers, wireless devices).

normally if the number of users are small, say less than 200, you can consider to use subnet.
rschwabAuthor Commented:
We are a shop of about 30 users and about 50 devices,  there will be two vlan.  one for in house wireless- routed and another for guests not routed.   At this time it's like the employee growth will be 1 employee per year.
     Sorry about my ignorance towards ip addressing.   If i understand correctly the subnet masking indicates the number of devices available. The current 192.168.1.x  is a common subnet used be many residential based routers. Since we are working with a private network there is nothing  preventing me from changing 3rd octet  to an  192.168.5.x  ?      thank you all for your assistance
rschwabAuthor Commented:
I'm certainly not qualified to grade anyone in this field,  but the points assigned addressed my needs thank you all for your knowlege and sharing your expertise
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