I need a script or tool to PING live IPs in a block of 254 addresses

Posted on 2013-02-03
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Last Modified: 2013-02-19
I have a block of 254 IPs and want to set up some statics, but the DHCP in the switch is randomly changing them. I want to find them quickly and lock them in for good. Does anyone have a tool or script?
Question by:Thor2923

Accepted Solution

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Most DHCP servers will list the assigned IP addresses.

The problem with testing live IPs is that a host could be off and yet an IP could still be assigned.  Also, newer version of Windows, by default, block ping requests.  So looking up what has been assigned is ideal.

It is also ideal to update the DHCP Server to block certain blocks of IPs (for your static block).

However, if you would still like to ping, here are some useful tools:

SolarWinds Ping Sweek


SnapFiles Network Scanner
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by:Steve Knight
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Aside from such tools, look in the ARP table of the switch, or from a PC on the same subnet, e.g.


You can PING all hosts quickly then look at the arp table as they go along too with something like this batch file (save it as .cmd):

@echo off
set subnet=192.168.1
set wait=50

for /l %%a in (1,1,254) do (
  title PINGing %subnet%.%%a
  ping -n 1 -w %wait% %subnet%.%%a > NUL 2>&1
  arp -A | find "%subnet%.%%a  " | find /v "Interface"

Open in new window

That will run through all IP's 1-254 on the subnet defined, and then take the output of the ARP command as it goes along to get the mac address for each - if you wait until the end of the run of all in a subnet the arp table may not still have all entries.

or slightly more complicated this pings each IP and picks up the hostname from the PING line (if yours shows it here) and then does the ARP to find Mac address and sends output for IP, name, mac address.  Save it as "findmac.cmd" say then you can run as findmac > file.csv from commandline to get a csv file say.

@echo off
setlocal enabledelayedexpansion
set subnet=192.168.1
set wait=40

for /l %%a in (1,1,254) do (
  title PINGing %subnet%.%%a
  set Name=*NotFound*
  for /f "tokens=2 delims=[ " %%N in ('ping -a -n 1 -w %wait% %subnet%.%%a ^| find /i "Pinging"') do set Name=%%N
  for /f "tokens=1-2 delims= " %%X in ('arp -A ^| find "%subnet%.%%a  " ^| find /v "Interface"') do echo %subnet%.%%a,!Name!,%%Y

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by:Dale Harris
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This Powershell script completes in a matter of seconds (I think 6 seconds for all 255 IPs)

function Check-Online {
       test-connection -count 1 -ComputerName $computername -TimeToLive 5 -asJob |
       Wait-Job |
       Receive-Job |
       Where-Object { $_.StatusCode -eq 0 } |
       Select-Object -ExpandProperty Address
$ips = 1..255 | ForEach-Object { "10.10.10.$_" }
$online = Check-Online -computername $ips


This code pings an IP segment from to and returns only those IPs that respond.

From Powershell.com
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From a linux host, you can send a ping packet to broadcast address and then receive ping echos from live IPs :

ping -b  

(if the subnet is 192.168.1.x)

However, Windows hosts do not answer pings sent to broadcast addresses

You may want to try the following utility instead:

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Expert Comment

by:Steve Knight
ID: 38906489
Always good to know that providing a script (as asked for) to do what was asked by several of us is ignored without comment.  Doesn't hurt to give feedback when you get around to closing a question a fortnight later Thor2923...

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