Delete the computer name from domain


I have accidentally deleted user computer name. Now i cant able to login to the computer
its says" The security database on the server does not have computer account for this workstation trust relationship"

I have create the same computer name in the domain.. but i cant able to login

can u please help
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Unfortunately, that will not work as the SID (Security Identifier) is not the same, even though the user/computer name is the same.  I didnt quite understand whether or not the computer object or the user account object was deleted. However, in any case your best bet will be to restore from an AD backup. Depending on the application that you use to backup AD, your options to restore will change. For example, if you use native Windows backup utility you'd have to go through an authoritative restore process as outlined in this good article
I know applications such as Symantec offer different ways in which to perform the same. So, bottom line, you have to restore the object from a backup set. Or, if you deleted the computer account, and assuming it's not a critical business-line machine, you could disjoin and rejoin the AD domain. This will create another instance of the computer object in AD, which will allow you to login without problems.
kbmsudha84Author Commented:

I can understand.. I can rejoin the pc to domain again. the problem is i cant able to login into that computer..
Then you'd have to restore the compute object from an AD backupset if you want to continue logging into AD from that computer
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kbmsudha84Author Commented:
can you please explain me that how to do the computer object backup from AD?
It is nothing bur the secure channel between Server and the Workstation is broken. You need to unjoin and Rejoin the machine to fix this issue. If you are referring to Windows 7, then disable basic firewall and join machine it to domain.

Hope this helps.

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kbmsudha84Author Commented:

I am keep telling here that.. i am not able to login into that PC.
why are you not able to login to that pc? log in on the local computer, not the domain (does the pc not have a local administrator account? - you could change that with "hirens boot cd" for example and activate the admin account)
login with "computername\administrator" and rejoin the domain.

Pramod UbheCommented:
yes, login to the computer using local admin account and rejoin it to domain but remove the computer object in AD before you do so.
cpmcomputersManaging DirectorCommented:
Unplug the network cable and turn off the wifi if any

You should now be able to login as a domain user/admin (their credentials remain cached )
kbmsudha84Author Commented:
The problem is i forgot that user password and user left from office
then download hirens boot cd or equivalent and reset the password with live cd

OR try calling the user..
cpmcomputersManaging DirectorCommented:
No you mis-understand me (Assuming you know your domain administrator username and password

Unplug the network cable and turn off the wifi if any

You should now be able to login as the domain admin (their credentials remain cached )

otherwise follow wshty options
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