[Advice] Stylesheet collaborative workspace

one of our customers asked us a solution to share an Excel Sheet among multiple users.

This worksheet should be available on the web, visible as a webpage.
This worksheet should be updated in realtime.
Easy way to import existing Excel sheets
Option to have different colors for different rows.
It has to be hosted internally (no Google or MS)
Relatively Cheap (<1000 euro)

We tried already:
- Google Apps (not good as it is hosted on a cloud)
- MS Skydrive (Same thing)
- Etherpad Lite (not good enough, no Excel import feature)
- MS Sharepoint (too expensive)

Any other idea?

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wasiftoorConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Based on your situation you might try two products (Both are excel add-ins):

- Spreadsheet Studio (FREE):  http://www.spreadsheetstudio.com/
- http://www.cambridgesemantics.com/products/excel-collaboration (YOU NEED TO EMAIL FOR COST)

Hopefully one of these will work for you.

Good Luck!
martineitAuthor Commented:
Don't have the time to test and I'm not sure the customer still needs this (I posted the question long time ago) but I'll keep it in mind if the customer asks again.

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