Windows 2008 DFS slow to connect

Small story a had to move all my network folders to other server alot in the past...
So now im using DFS of my network share  \\\server\share...
I can see all the folders fine put when i try to see the properties of any folders it take maybe 5-10 sec  to open the same if I need to launch file .exe file ...

Info : dfs server windows 2008 R2
user all on windows 7

Also did try this

still the same
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pcreteConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Im still having this problem with my DFS folders.
I did more test and it look like its only the shortcut in the folders that is slow to access.
pcreteAuthor Commented:
Still having this probleme :(
pcreteAuthor Commented:
the probleme was with are switch
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