Need SonicWALL Content Filtering Assistance

I have a new NSA 2400 and have limited experience with the OS. I have two groups of users I'd like to configure content filtering (CFS) for. Group A will have limited access to the Internet. Group B will have access to some sites that are blocked for Group A users.

I have created two policies and assigned local groups (imported via LDAP from Active Directory) to each policy. I'm unclear on what to do next. Do I have to create a new zone for my LAN interface for the second policy?

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Ugo MenaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Yes, in order to apply the CFS policies via User and Zone you will need to create a new LAN zone for the second policy.

You can also apply CFS policies via App Rules. Which also requires you to create address objects for each group that you want a different CFS policy to apply to. However, this method does not require a new zone and is much more flexible for applying different policies.
vsCoderAuthor Commented:
Thank you, ultralites.

I have a couple of follow-up questions.

1. If I have two LAN zones with different CFS policies what happens if a person is in two Local Groups (via LDAP from Active Directory) with two separate CFS policies assigned? Is it cumulative access? Or does a blocked site in one policy override a setting in the other policy?

2. I like the App Rules option. I'm not clear on what address object I'd need to create in this scenario.
Ugo MenaCommented:
1. I believe it will apply the most restrictive (cumulative) settings to a user in both Groups.

2. Sorry meant to say Application/Match Object for App Rules. App rules need a Match Object to define what/where to look for and an Action Object to define what to do when it is found. App rules allow for very specific scenarios and can let you determine what happens (i.e. with a user in 2 groups) using Address exclusions.
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Ugo MenaCommented:
Here is a link to SonicWall forums KB article:
vsCoderAuthor Commented:
I did refer to that KB article previously. Not sure why it did not work - using LDAP.

I did just create a new App Rule and Match Object to block the site. Now I'd like to open it up for a small group of users. I tried using the Exception field for this, but no luck.

Ugo MenaCommented:
you will need to define those users within a new Address Object. If you are relying on AD logins, you may need to define this group using MAC addresses.
vsCoderAuthor Commented:
Thank you.
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