Cognos Report Join issue


I have report where we are joining 2 queries. But the issue is  it is pulling more data.

Any help what might be causing this..
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SNeupaneConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Then you have to play with aggregation properties for the numbers.
In each query, click on the data item and set 'None' in properties for Aggregate and rollup aggregate.
It's either the join or the relationship of the data between the two queries.
Can you post your combined query along with some data showing the results you get and the results you want?
new_perl_userAuthor Commented:
I can't post the query here sorry.. I am using a  0..n = 1.1  relationship between the two queries.

current output:

Received      320

Required output:

Received        275
If you use 0..n, it'll always pull more data.
Try 1..1 -- 1..1 in both side.
new_perl_userAuthor Commented:
I tried the above cardinality and the output is  still as above..
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