MFC45.dll Corrupted

During a system scan for viruses, a notice about MFC45.DLL was corrupted. What can you tell me about MFC45.DLL, and is the only place to get a replacement from an XP disk.

The Windows scan asks for XP-PRO SP3, but the PC has XP HOME SP3 and won't accept the XP-PRO SP3 disk it is calling for.
Frank DiPiazzaPresidentAsked:
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djbaumConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The mfc45.dll (mfc means Microsoft Foundation Class) belongs to Microsoft C++ runtime, current Version is mfc100.dll (10.0). Maybe you should try installing latest Version of C++ runtime:
Gabriel CliftonNet AdminCommented:
Try using a program like Malwarebytes Anitmalware and combofix. Scan in safe mode then reboot into safemode and run the sfc /scannow again.
Sudeep SharmaTechnical DesignerCommented:
what infection was cured? You could find the copy of the dll in c:\windows\system32\dllcache folder. Make sure you have hidden system files folders visible. Replace the file from there to c:\windows\system32 directory.

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Do you use AVG Antivirus?
What do you mean with "The Windows scan", have you run "sfc /scannow"?
Frank DiPiazzaPresidentAuthor Commented:
Yes, that was the scan...  sfc /scannow
And Yes, I used the AVG RescueCD and it reported the DLL as corrupted.
I going to check to see if the DLL exists here:  c:\windows\system32\dllcache

It troubles me that sfc asked for the XP PRO SP3, when it is XP Home SP3 that is running this machine. It of course wouldn't accept the XP Pro SP3 disc.
Gabriel CliftonConnect With a Mentor Net AdminCommented:
Frank DiPiazzaPresidentAuthor Commented:
Is this file necessary? What is it for?
Frank DiPiazzaPresidentAuthor Commented:
I'm going to try this. Since the XP Home is on a Dell, and no XP Home SP3 Disk is available, only recovery disks as the machine was originally delivered. Updates since then have brought this O/S to SP3. Thank you, I'll let you know how this works.
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Frank DiPiazzaPresidentAuthor Commented:
Please do not  delete, since a 2 way solution was found. The corrupted file lead to the discovery of an XP  Media inconsistency and a solution to that was given too.

Installing the current runtime solved the problem.
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