Routing a Network to a Vlan

We have a router that is located in a Vlan that is configured on our main layer 3 switch (Cisco 3750). Is it possible to set up a network route on the core switch that will pass traffic to the router in the Vlan?

Core switch IP
Router in Vlan

We need to route this network: to the router that is located in the Vlan.

Added ip route to the core switch but anything located outside of the Vlan does not get routed by the core switch.

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cfcu_isConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Thanks for the advice. Nothing solved our issue. Maybe next time.
try 'ip route'
cfcu_isAuthor Commented:
No, I get: '%Inconsistent address and mask' message when trying to add that route.
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should work for the examples below.  basically you want any devices on this network to be forwarded to  

try 'ip route'
try 'ip route'
Sandeep GuptaConsultantCommented:
since you are not using any dynamic routing protocol then you need to define static route for each network to

you did correct for network.

ip route

if you are using dynamic routing protocol then you just need to add this command

redistribute connected

this command advertises all th cascaded network behind
please try   (config)#ip route vlan XXX
cfcu_isAuthor Commented:
Closed question. No answer provided.
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